How Brown Recluse Spiders Infest in the Fall

How Spiders Infest your Home in the Fall

The Austin Brown Recluse and its Powerful Bite

Of the thousands of spiders found in the U.S., Brown Recluse spiders are definitely the most threatening. Known for the distinctive violin-shaped marking on its cephalothorax, this spider is a common invader of Austin homes. Take a look at our Brown Recluse guide to help you correctly identify this pest.

Symptoms from a Brown Recluse bite can sometimes take hours before affecting the victim. The bite site may feel pain along with muscle discomfort, vomiting, fever, itching, and nausea. The area could also blister, scar, and change colors. Whether your reaction is extreme or mild, don’t hesitate to contact a healthcare professional if you believe you’ve been bitten by a Brown Recluse.

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Bulwark Exterminates Brown Recluse Spiders Guaranteed

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