How Spiders Infest in the Fall

How Spiders Infest your Home in the Fall
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The Brown Recluse and its Powerful Bite

Finding a spider in the attic or in the garage can seem like no big deal, but if that spider happens to be a Brown Recluse it can dangerous. These spiders range from a light to dark brown and can commonly be identified by the violin-shaped marking on its head. These spiders are timid and will usually hide and only bite when they are pressed against the skin. Take a look at our Brown Recluse guide to see if you have these dangerous arachnids in your home.

Getting bit by a Brown Recluse can be very dangerous. Initially, a Brown Recluse bite can go undetected, but within a few hours symptoms will begin to appear. Common symptoms may include pain at bite sit, muscle pain, itching, fever, nausea, and vomiting. The bite can also experience discoloration, blistering, and scarring. If you’re bitten by a Brown Recluse see a medical professional.

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