How Mulch Around Your Home Can Attract Beetles

How Mulch Around the Base of Your Home Can Be Bad
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Beetles in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is booming from the diversity of the city. Something even more diverse is the bug population. Carpet beetles, Confused Flour beetles, and Granary Weevils commonly plague Atlanta homes. These beetles can get under your carpet, in your pantry, and anywhere in your home. While these insects may be harmless, they find things to ruin every time. Blister beetles and stink bugs are some of the most notorious nuisances, causing skin irritation and unpleasant odors.

Atlanta exterminating assistance is right here at Bulwark Pest Control. We have the perfect beetle and pest solutions for you. With Bulwark’s most recent and updated techniques, you’ll be beetle free. We are trusted by many Atlanta homeowners. Call and get started today!


There’s no guarantee like Bulwark’s. We know our services work and can guarantee it. Our services are all 100% insured by your satisfaction. If you see any more bugs after we service your home, we will come back. Within 48 hours, a technician will be there to try again. If you’re still not convinced, you’ll get your money back. Let us exceed your expectations. Call today!

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